Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch - Black Leather

  • Quality craftsmanship - Finely crafted with stainless steel, genuine Horween leather and scratch-resistant glass.
  • Timely updates at a glance - Get both the time, and what that moment means to you
  • Responds to your Voice - Just speak to get the info you need
  • Tracks Health and Fitness - Moto Body tracks your steps, distance and calories burned along with your heart rate
  • Works with your AndroidTM phone - Pair with any smartphone running Android 4.3 or higher

Quality craftsmanship

Motorola Moto 360’s refined craftsmanship features a stainless steel case, scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, and choice of stainless steel link or genuine Horween leather bands. The timeless design is unmistakably familiar and the ever-growing range of finishes and sizes allows you to choose a watch that fits in with your style and lifestyle.

Timely Updates at a Glance

Motorola Moto 360 tells you the time, and what the moment means for you. Powered by Android Wear, it organizes your information, predicts what you need, when you need to see it, and shows it to you before you even ask. Like weather forecasts in the morning, or traffic updates before leaving for work. Your Moto 360 will vibrate to let you know of incoming or missed calls, text messages and email, so even when you’re on the go, you’re still up-to-date.

Responds to Your Voice

With Motorola Moto 360, just say “Ok Google” and you can set a reminder, send a text, or dictate a note. You can ask for directions or get answers to questions like “What’s my next appointment?” and even the really important ones, like “Where is the nearest cafe?”

Healthier Lifestyle

Keep track of your steps, distance, and heart rate along with the calories you burn. Moto Body records your activity level and suggests goals based on your history. See up to a week’s worth of information right on your wrist. Moto Body even provides coaching advice, giving you the extra motivation to help meet your activity goals.

It gets better and better

Motorola Moto 360 works with all Android apps so you can receive notifications right on your wrist. Apps will add more services over time so you can do even more: call a car with Lyft, log miles with RunKeeper and follow a recipe with AllTheCooks.

Recharges when you do

Enjoy battery life that lasts all day. Then just place Motorola Moto 360 on its charging dock at night. No wires. No complications. While your watch is charging it displays the time, which makes the dock perfect for bedside tables and desktops. There's no other smart watch than Motorola Moto 360.

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